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Tasha Keswani's ethereal sonic landscape transports listeners to a realm where untamed nature intertwines with transcendental dreams. Her musical prowess is marked by experimental embellishments that seamlessly navigate between lyrical narratives and haunting melodies. By skillfully weaving intricate sounds from the natural world, enchanting vocal harmonies, and poetic lyricism, Tasha crafts captivating melodies that unravel ruminations about astrology, life, and the myriad forms of love. In her chart-topping anthem, 'You & Me,' she artfully combines emotional intelligence and boundless creativity to convey profound messages through metaphors and diverse perspectives.

The multifaceted artistry of Tasha is rooted in her extraordinary upbringing across India, Scotland, the UK, and Spain. This rich tapestry of experiences has bestowed upon her a diverse perspective and a remarkable ability to connect with individuals from various backgrounds while remaining deeply connected to her Indian roots. Her debut single, 'Useful Magic,' showcases her remarkable talent for utilizing keen observations to forge a profound emotional bond and inspire positive transformations through her songwriting. The alt-pop-infused ballad "If Rainbows Do Exist," where she seamlessly alternates between English and Spanish, was prominently featured in Rolling Stones India, earning her widespread acclaim. Her distinctive and intricate harmonies bear the imprint of her diverse vocal training in Hindustani Classical Music and English Music Choirs.

Despite the unpredictable nature of a career in the music industry, Tasha took a leap, leaving her Brand Consulting job to pursue her true passion. Relocating to Mumbai, she enrolled at the prestigious True School of Music to further refine her musical skills. Today, as a co-founder of a company that crafts musical identities for brands, she harnesses her compositional prowess to create captivating scores for short videos and films. Drawing inspiration from self-made luminaries such as Ed Sheeran and Imogen Heap, who are celebrated for their boundary-pushing exploration of diverse genres, Tasha aspires to create alluring sounds and bestow upon her audience vibrant melodies that linger long in their hearts.

Tasha Keswani has wholeheartedly dedicated herself to enchanting her listeners, allowing them to simultaneously lose and find themselves within her mesmerizing artistry. Her music is a profound fusion of emotion, experimentation, ethereality, and purpose, serving as a testament to the very essence of her being.

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