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Tasha Keswani is a captivating artist whose dreamy soundscape blends untamed nature with transcendental dreams. Her experimental flourishes and haunting melodies set her apart, while her enchanting vocal harmonies and magical lyricism explore astrology, life, and love. With influences like Ed Sheeran and Imogen Heap, Tasha aims to create enticing sounds and vibrant melodies. Her diverse upbringing across India, Scotland, the UK, and Spain adds depth to her perspective, and her Hindustani Classical Music and English Music Choir training shape her intricate harmonies. Despite the uncertainties, she left a brand consulting job to pursue music, studying at the True School of Music in Mumbai. Now a co-founder of a company creating musical identities for brands, Tasha also composes music for short videos and films. Her artistry is emotional, experimental, ethereal, and deeply meaningful, casting a spell on listeners while staying true to her vision.

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